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Foodgasm is a brand owned by Taste Box, a concern run by Mr. Kapil Ghorpade. A fitness freak, half marathoner and crossfit lover. Mr. Kapil Ghorpade is a MBA Finance with experience of more than a decade in financial markets. The young, enthusiastic entrepreneur with love for fitness and healthy food. Currently Taste Box runs a restaurant at Bandra reclamation as well as runs a healthy meal monthly subscription service for a limited audience. The sole focus of Taste Box in on making regular food healthy without compromising on taste and freshness.


The menu is curated by renowned Chef Varun Inamdar who is known for his curating one of the finest food menus as well as guests and clientele, who have enjoyed his creations, as an Executive Chef and Business Development Head, comprise of the "who's who" of the world ranging from Queen Rania of Jordan, to The Royal Family of Al Sabah, Al Khalifa and Al Saud in the Arabian Gulf to Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy and Vladimir Putin in the West and back in India, world renowned cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Ambani family and the likes.
The team at Foodgasm is led by Mr. Ketan Mokashi, who has culinary experience of about two decades and specializes in healthy food. The entire team experience is around 40 years.


"A restaurant that serves fresh, healthy and natural food. Here food is the star."


  • One up is a planned meal service to beat the boredom of your regular food and repetitions of same dishes on weekly basis
  • A non vegetarian meal with zero meal repetitions & A vegetarian meal with a max of one meal repetition
  • Meal delivery time: Around 10:30 am
  • Hygienic and disposable food grade packaging material
  • Three course meal planned by dieticians, fitness expert and chef with 5 star hotel experience
  • Modifications available in regular meal for gluten free and vegan members
Category Subscription Cost
Habit Monthly ₹ 6000/- plus taxes
Somewhere in between (3 meals complimentary) Bi-monthly ₹ 12000/- plus taxes
Lifestyle (5 meals complimentary) Quaterly ₹ 18000/- plus taxes



Yes, we serve breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day! An assortment of freshly cut fruits, Spinach idlis topped with South Indian vegetable mix served with spicy tomato & jaggery chutney and many more to begin your day.


No Internet on phone or laptop? No Problem! We offer free Wi-Fi access all day. Free internet access is now top of the list for those working out of the office.

Home Delivery

We provide a superfast delivery within 45 Minutes. Extra 8 mins (60 + 8) are incorporated to ensure rider and road safety.



Wheelchair Accessible

Looking for a decent restaurant that has proper wheelchair accessibility is a quest fit for a knight. We fully took on board the needs of our customers that use wheelchairs.

Smoking Area

We provide designated smoking areas. We not only provides a place to smoke, we have also taken steps to ensure the new section of the restaurant is just as comfortable and well-accommodating, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy meals.

Outside Seating

We offer outside seating where you can enjoy your tasty food. Outdoor dining is one of the experiences you'll enjoy at foodgasm.